Honest Company City Backpack Everything Tote Diaper Bag Review

Hi, it’s me. Back from incubating and delivering our boy/girl twins via repeat C. Sorry, it’s taken so long, but really I’m not sorry. I’ve been tried to bond, recover and organize a house that is going through serious growing pains. Our 3-bedroom house suddenly went from spacious to very tight with three kids three and under. That’s a story for another day.

I wanted to share with you my recent discoveries, the most exciting one being new diaper bag that I’ve found from an unexpected place—the Honest Company, you know, that company that sells subscription diapers and wipes. I haven’t tried their products yet but when I found their line of diaper bags then I decided I would.

Toddler and I were at the mall on a morning that Grandma was watching the Twins. I know it sounds bad, but it’s feels great to be able to escape them sometimes, it’s just so intense watching twins sometimes.

I went to Nordstrom, which is a store I never shop at because it’s so expensive even though I must admit I heard their return policy is kind of amazing. I guess everyone has his or her weak spot for material goods and Nordstrom bags might be my next weakness.

I returned the bag I bought in store to order online through Honest Company directly because I got a discount buying two bags (a little excessive? My rationale below) as well as trying out their Essentials bundle. I’m still working on testing the products. I went crazy and bought two bags, but if you just need one, you might try Nordstom online, to check out the other colors not available in store like Elephant Gray which is not gray, more khaki.


One of the main issues I have with my old Petunia Picklebottom boxy backpack is that the backpack straps are so incredibly painful to wear as a backpack. I always wear it as a messenger bag and I have the most sloped shoulders ever. Asian girl shoulders. So it can be extremely annoying having the strap fall off during diaper changes in those gross public bathrooms, during flights, and basically anywhere. The City backpack is extremely comfortable In comparison, which is its most winning feature.

I searched high and low for a diaper backpack to be hands free with my twins. I bought and returned the Vera Bradley one, available on the Vera Bradley website. It’s awesome because it is black exterior, but it’s fabric, a quilted nylon. The biggest pro is that the inside is wipeable vinyl and would be so easy to clean. The mesh pockets I thought were kind of too tight, and not deep enough to hold baby items like bottles or formula dispensers. I also did not like the designated diaper area. Not big enough for diapers for two kids.

The Honest Co. City backpack is an vegan leather exterior, I hate that term, but it is lightweight and wipe clean. The pockets are well thought out. The front one is great for cell phone and keys, though I read on other reviews the iPhone doesn’t fit. This could be a deal breaker for some of you. The second deeper pocket is insulated, which is an awesome feature. You can store food, milk bottles or sippy cups. Just be aware that it’s not going to fit every type of bottle. I have to squeeze my Avent bottles in for a snug fit.

The main compartment has a mommy pocket with a zipper and two open pockets. There are two small elastic side pockets as well. The main compartment is divided into two sections. The back side is best for diapers and wipes because there is a zipper on the back of the backpack, so you can easily access the diapers while still keeping the main zipper of diaper bag closed. Cool cool features.


As with any backpack, the biggest issue of using it as a diaper bag, is depth, aka digging for things you need. But if you use little bags and the compartments well, then it lessens the digging around. Waste of time! Simple Guy wanted me to use a regular Jansport, but they just don’t work if they don’t have pockets and dividers. This one I feel is really well designed, having just the right amount of pockets.

Thus bag would be plenty big for one baby. It is tight for three kids, but we’re going minimalist, keeping extra diapers and wipes and other random items in the car, etc.

Everything Tote

The second is the Honest Co Everything Tote, which I have been using as a backup bag. Crazy, yes I am. It is a great bag strapped on the stroller. Hands free is a great concept, but a diaper backpack means you have to carry the weight, either that or make your husband carry it all. I have been using the backpack more for quick outings and the tote for more major outings, it’s more spacious than the City backpack.

Yes, I wish the City backpack had a better way to attach to a stroller like an added strap you could clip off, but no. It’s really trying to be a backpack in style, not look Iike a messenger bag backpack.


The best feature of the tote is the outer zipper pocket that is wipeable similar to the Vera backpack. This works great as a wet bag and I wish the backpack had this feature. The pockets are deep. The bag is kind of heavy by itself, but so is the PB boxy backpack. It is a beast to haul around so I use it on stroller outings. I would rather not carry this around my shoulders.

Why two bags?
Short answer: Because I’m crazy.

Long: With so many little people, I thought I would need to use both at one time, but I have only had to do that on full day outings which don’t happen for me that often anymore with so many littles. The backpack would carry diapers, the other a ton of snacks and water bottles. I will review my use of the bags in a year or so, but they have been great, totally functional for me.

What’s also nice about these bags is that they can be used beyond the diaper years as mom bags. They don’t scream diaper bag. So hopefully they will be used for a while.

After a few months of use:
I am not one of those vegan moms who buy all organic, so I’m not loyal to the brand, but so far the bags have been awesome. I wish they were cheaper, they range from $149-169 MSRP. but I think they are so worth it, given the smart design. Yes, real leather would have been cool, but probably make the bags heavier. And no I didn’t need two bags. But I’ll use the everything bag as a weekends bag.


4 thoughts on “Honest Company City Backpack Everything Tote Diaper Bag Review

  1. Congratulations on the twins! Having three kids who are three and under sounds wonderful and stressful at the same time. I don’t know how you do it. I’m sure your hands are full, so I’m glad you blog when you can. This backpack and bag review is awesome, though! I’ve been thinking of getting a backpack but didn’t want one that looked like I was still going to school. Thanks for writing this. Keep on posting when you can. 🙂

  2. Hello, thank you for your review on the backpack! I saw it online and then ended up getting it at Buy Buy Baby with a coupon! I’m really excited to use. Just thought I would throw out there that the online picture of the elephant grey backpack makes it look tan but it is actually a really nice grey. I ended up going with that color instead of black. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Julia, thanks for visiting and sharing good information! I had no idea this is available at BBB and that a coupon applied to it! The coupon did not exclude Honest Company? That’s fantastic!

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