ASOS Maternity Clothes Review

With the heat and the kids,  I don’t get out much. I do my grocery shopping at 10 pm after two of three have gone to bed. So online shopping has become a very important thing in my life. I need retail therapy as much as any parent with three littles.

Of course Amazon has a place in my shopping world, but so do these new discoveries of online shopping, the first is ASOS.

I was first introduced to ASOS by my adorable, fashionable sister in law, but I wasn’t convinced at first glance. I saw a lot of teeny bopper clothing similar to Forever 21 and I wasn’t buying.

But then one day said sister in law and I were at Target with twin baby b and we saw another girl, an expectant mom, wearing a dress. Okay, maybe it was seeing a dress in person that made me a believer because isn’t that the horror of online shopping, buying something and then getting it realizing that you need a new laptop or a new pair of eyes because you must be colorblind because that thing you bought looks hideous!?!

The girl also told us it was a nursing dress, so as a new mom with my new babies, I had to go check it out.

Fast forward to now, I have that dress and two other maternity or nursing dresses in my closet. I adore ’em.

ASOS is a UK-based brand but they ship to the US and to many countries for FREE and include FREE RETURNS. This is big. This is like having an H&M in my house. I get to try on all the clothes I want and return anything (unused, of course) that I want to.  I love that the maternity line has a lot of modest options. I also love the double layer concept of their maternity dresses.   I also love that they have maternity formal dresses, so if you have a wedding to go to while sporting a bump, you do not have to settle for a frumpy looking dress, you can go and look amazing! I think this would be so cute to wear to such a function:

Cute and comfortable!

The return policy is easy, you reuse the bag your items come in, slip in your order form and can place it in your mailbox for regular postal service to get and ASOS will notify you when they receive it. Just keep in mind that a previous order of mine with a promo code was partially returned and I also lost the sale price of the items, even the ones I kept. Meaning, they will remove the entire discount you received at initial purchase.

Please go check it out. I really think in the next few years, I will phase out almost all my old clothes to ASOS clothing. I love it that much.



3 thoughts on “ASOS Maternity Clothes Review

  1. I just re-discovered your blog! I love it (and don’t know when you have time to write such detailed posts–you’re amazing)! I also love ASOS but my husband hates when I have to send him to the post office to send back another bag haha.

    1. Hi Eugenia! You should have no guilt! He’s not one of those husbands being dragged through the mall for hours on end. Asos is the way to go. I really don’t have much time, but I spend a long time drafting before publishing on the blog. Like this post is at least 3 months old. But I love writing, keeps me sane. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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