Qiaohu 巧虎 August 2016 Preview

Since I’ve received a lot of inquiry into the QiaoHu (CiaoHu) subscription box, please allow me to preview the latest box’s content. I’ve been really impressed with each box we’ve received. Toys are simple, cute and educational. The DVDS can get annoying on a loop but doesn’t that happen with all kids’ music, toys and interactive fun?

Parent’s user pamphlet
August activity workbook cover
Stickers from activity workbook

Sample pages
Special workbook/storybook

Each month they send a DVD, activity workbook, parent’s user pamphlet and either toy, CD and/or storybook.

 I think it’s totally worth it! (For me, I break down the value this way DVD $10, workbook $10, toy or CD $10. Some of the toys are extra special and are worth $10-15—perceived value, of course!) The educational value language-wise is worth it to me. And they also cover colors, numbers, shapes, and certain preschooler know-how’s like tidying up and sorting. 

If this information has been helpful, please consider adding me as a referral when you order. I am not paid to write this. It’s just my honest review. My referral ID is 2600018310, first name is Kyleen.


One thought on “Qiaohu 巧虎 August 2016 Preview

  1. Hey! I talked to Tony about this, and we are TOTALLY interested! Can you e-mail me the contact information for this? Let me know if you can’t access my e-mail address from your WordPress.

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