LuLaRoe Clothing Review Part 1

I honestly don’t even know how I first heard about LuLaRoe, which just shows the power of social media, getting into our minds and into our lives.

I wanted to share my review since I’m not consultant and not related to one, just wanted to share an honest review. I’m a fan, but with some reservations.

First, why did I look into the clothing ? One of the reason I got into it was for my postpartum body. I’m small and petite, but there’s just the last few baby pounds I just cannot shed and I refuse to diet now because I’m still nursing twin Baby A. I just became very frustrated that I couldn’t wear any of my old clothes. And the excess weight is distributed in the oddest of places. Seriously no dress zipper can zip shut! Guess a twin pregnancy will do that. But let’s face the facts, any pregnancy changes the body as well as the lifestyle one lives when one has three little children at home and no time or energy to workout. This brand is definitely flattering to all women’s body shapes and sizes which is amazing.

First, here are some things I think you should know.

  • It’s best to try on the clothes before browsing on online pop ups, a fancy way of saying online party. I bought a Julia for my first purchase and I liked the fit, but I didn’t love the design. Luckily I lived close to the lady and went to her house for an exchange. She let me write down all my sizes and that has been a huge help. Also, the clothing is designed so you can fit multiple sizes for different looks. A top can be fitted or loose and flowy, depending on your frame.
  • Be extremely critical of the clothing. Please note that almost all Lularoe I have seen is approximately 96% polyester and 4% spandex. We live in the Dallas area where it can get hot. Generally I do not recommend this fabric for extreme heat but it’s just my preference. I can get by most of the year here wearing Lularoe, but I think I will stick to their fabrics that are more airy and light in the summer. Lularoe fabric is anything from cotton like to slinky and silky, so always ask the consultant when you purchase online. I love the Classic tee but a lot of the solid tees are cotton-poly blend, which feels cheap. Recently the new Carly dresses have blends that are softer and lighter. Also the Gracie kids top (I wear size 14), has a great cotton modal blend version. Ask the right questions.
  • Shopping the Lularoe multi consultant sales on Facebook is a good way to familiarize yourself with the good, bad and ugly. Sorry, avid fans, some prints are in my opinion, hideous or old-fashioned. Just one girl’s opinion. Other prints and fabrics are adorable and designer quality. Its like shopping at Ross Dress for Less, where 80% of items are ho hum and others are major finds. In lularoe language, they’re called unicorns, because they are unique and you can never find them in your size. Ask for a close up shot if you are not sure what you are buying. Browse multiple sales to see how items look as they are photographed by multiple people.
  • Speaking of unicorns, it can be extremely frustrating to search and search and search for what you want. Every consultant has received unique items, some are repeats, others very special. This is part of the fun and torture.
  • Be smart. Assess what you need or are looking for and what you’re willing to spend. I laugh while I’m writing this because I’ve totally broken all my rules.
  • Does it spark joy? Be in the right mindset so you can act quickly on an adored item, to buy before someone else does. It’s first post, first serve. You need to devote time and energy to shopping these sales. Best to not be rushed and to window shop as much as you can, to determine if you truly love something or can go without. It’s kind of like that wacky tidying up book from Marie Kondo: hold an item and ask if it sparks joy. And luckily for our wallets, most Lularoe does not! But it’s those few items that really do, that makes this brand so addicting.

My eyes in the last two weeks have been sore with the screen time devoted to finding some Lularoe. I splurged on several items and have learned my lessons:

  • I’ve limited myself to a select few styles that best suit my body type. This type of information can be obtained by finding a local consultant and trying on items for sizing and style.
  • I will also limit my shopping to sales that offer free shipping or from consultants who live in tax free states if possible, to save an extra buck or two.
  • I have also started to save images from a Facebook party during window shopping periods (usually the day before) so that I can give myself time to really consider if I like or even want an item. Sometimes the artificial demand created in a party makes us want to buy something before someone else does, thus creating a frenzy. This fake feeling can really make you go crazy. Yes, people will buy things before you get to them. Get over this reality and move on. Save the photo in Pinterest and keep looking. A lot of times an item I think is unique really is not.
  • Sometimes multi consultant sales are not the right place for you. Working with a few good consultants’ VIP pages, who take good detailed photos, respond to questions quickly and are helpful, will help you to find quality items. And typically most consultants will open new inventory with their VIP page to build customer loyalty but may not carry your size. Many showcase new inventory on Facebook Live and new inventory goes very quickly.
  • Multi consultant sales are are not created equal. The sales have a large variety of clothing so that is where you will most likely be able to find the best selection or a pile of remnant unwanted items. Some groups post photos all at once on the day of the sale, creating chaos. Others allow you time to window shop before a sale goes live. Some people are better business people than others. Encourage the group of consultants to practice good business methods like offering exchanges and free shipping. Shop around for a good group to join.


As for becoming a consultant I would generally not recommend it for most people. Even I was slightly tempted for a while because it would be so cool to get the inventory first. And you would have a little boutique in your house.

But that’s just the problem. Where do you put everything and how do you afford hangers and tags and shipping products?

Some people do well handling MLMs, but most of us do not, and would not succeed. As a consultant you need a lot of inventory to start, which could cost thousands and thousands of dollars out of your own pocket. This is bad business practice,  in my opinion. Why should you as the consultant have to risk the cost of the products? The company’s customer is you the consultant  because they are done with their transaction. Essentially all the business risk is on you.

There are some hideous prints out there and you have no control over what items you get as a consultant. There’s not even a way to buy a gold level package of inventory full of unicorns for an additional fee. So how will you sell these items no one wants or sell the items every other consultant also has? And even the most avid of fans already owns fifty pairs of Lularoe leggings, so why would they buy yours, especially if you only get a handful of unique stuff. I mean, someone may buy the occasional black or gray pair to coordinate outfits, but how many people can and will do that when they already spent money on the pretty top for almost $40?

To keep loyal fans on personal VIP groups, it is best to have fresh new inventory on a weekly basis, so you will continue to invest money back into the business, money of out of your own pocket, unless you have financing readily available to you. Google the breakdown of investment of Lularoe and you will see, it is very difficult to sell every single piece of inventory and the rate of return is poor.

Maybe I’ll do it when I need a hobby.

I love many of their items: the Amelia, Julia, Carly and the Cassie, Madison, and Maxi. I will continue to shop this brand because its image is quite healthy for women, to accept their body shapes and sizes. But I would be realistic about what type of business this actually is. Glad it works for some women out there, but I’m not consulting.

Sizing and fit

Here are my stats for those considering Lularoe for petite sizes, I’m 5’2, 120 lbs. I wear size small in Amelia, Julia, Cassie, Lola and Randy. I wear XXS in Maxi and XXS to XS Carly. Size M for Azure.

I do not recommend Irma and Perfect tees and Lindsay kimonos for petite sized women. These items are huge and large women can wear XXS. So an XXS would swamp women like me. I also prefer the classic tee in XXS over the perfect tee. The perfect looks like a short dress, very wavy and it’s too overwhelming for my body type but nice to pair with leggings.

People consider me an XS at first glance, but I’m really a S in Lularoe which they say is approx. size 6-8. So get yourself fitted.

I love the Amelia and I own two. I sought out one on eBay I really liked and paid the premium for it. I don’t mind, but that’s the price you pay to get what you want without all the hassle. This dress is truly unique with its pockets and is the best dress of the clothing line. I would buy this dress for a party.

Cassie is a very comfortable pencil skirt. Most pencil skirts are super uncomfortable. This one is very comfortable and the fabric of some skirts are very textured, adding some variety to your clothing. I tried them on and love the fit. It’s just I’d rather not be bending down for crawling babies in this skirt. Keep in mind it’s not going to hold big guts in, there’s minimal support.

I like the Maxi (and I’m wearing this one while blogging) because it’s a maxi that works on someone short like me. Usually maxis are extremely long on petite frames. This one in XXS is just perfect on me. So I will mostly be buying maxis as my mom work clothes.

New moms, let’s be kind to ourselves.

I’ve lived in pjs for most of the year; my twins were born in January. Almost 8 months later, I’ve finally realized living in pjs, while necessary some days (you know, those crazy days) is not good for me mentally or emotionally. I need to treat my SAHM role as a job some days: get things done, don’t complain, and keep positive. I often think, “Poor me, I’m so alone and I’m so stressed out and I’m busy all the time,” but in reality this is what God has given me time to do, to quote a fellow mommy blogger. I can feel good about myself, my changing body, and my efforts no matter how small or insignificant to the outside world. I think it will help my children too to see their mom happy and satisfied at home. This brand has allowed me to do that with a type of transitional clothes after pregnancy so I do love the brand despite its weaknesses.

If you have a spare moment, check out Lularoe Clothing as maternity wear. It’s pretty cool. If I find the post, I will add it here.


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