LuLaRoe Clothing Review Part 2

As if my last post wasn’t long enough, here’s some more information for you if considering Lularoe clothing:

I have purchased…a lot of clothing from shopping VIP groups and multi consultant sales. Don’t tell Simple Guy. Luckily for me I sold some big ticket items from my excess home goods (unwanted gifts and sale rack finds) on eBay for some supplemental income. I feel like a druggie selling my valuables for a dose.


  1. I’m thrilled to report that LuLaRoe Clothing has helped me to be braver with trying out new prints and colors I didn’t try before. Colors like yellow and green I always assumed Asians couldn’t wear. But I learned that as skirts, you definitely can! And if you’re like me in skin tone, try these “taboo” colors in jewel tone rather than camouflage tone, it actually looks fabulous
    Love the variety of colors and patterns but had to sort through the ugly to get to this beauty.
  2. The clothing does seriously rock, but it is pricey. I made a spreadsheet of my purchases, because ahem, there are that many, and realized that my whole yearly budget for clothing is easily met by shopping Lularoe. With limited prints available in my specific sizes, shopping LLR has become borderline addiction for me. Having said that, I think there are some items really worth the price. The Amelia dress, Julia dress and Carly dress are my favorites and worth every penny to me. They have a great fit though the hemlines are longer for me, because I’m short. The Carly is more of a casual dress, so it’s more on the pricey side, but it’s also the latest thing. Another more pricey item that I love is the Maxi skirts. I love them because they feel effortless to me, yet make you feel elegant. I guess that’s the whole appeal of this clothing line. I also feel disappointed shopping on other sites now because it can be very challenging to find modest clothing that is also stylish and affordable. Whereas on LLR, I know everything will fit and be comfortable. For some reason the both stylish-and-modest apparel come at a price. Modcloth and Anthropology are such examples. So the word pricey is debatable.
  3. People are so obsessed with the leggings. Maybe it’s because I’m short and don’t want to draw attention to my legs and maybe because it’s still summer part 2 here in Texas, but the excitement for them wore off for me rather quickly. They are super comfortable. But they are quite warm and honestly, how many pairs do you need? I decided for the fall, that I’d have a few versatile pairs of solid and more unique but not crazy patterns. But then I realized that I shouldn’t keep shopping for leggings that are only worn a part of the year here. At $25, they’re a little steep.
    Yes, I actually commented sold first on this unicorn print of sleeping foxes set. Cute or crazy?
    Again, it’s because of the climate that my current focus of Lularoe Clothing is carly dresses and various skirts because they are short and airy and extremely versatile if carefully selected. If you live in a colder place than Texas you might get a lot of use out of leggings.
  4. Exchanges can be a bust. Most consultants have an exchange only policy which I kind of despise since they only have an online presence. I have loved most of the clothing but I have returned quite a few items for exchanges due to sizing or colors. The problem with exchanging is that the selection you have is limited to the seller only. Imagine buying an item in a store, only when you return the thing you fell out of love with, the store only has a few remnant pieces left of the clearance rack. That is kind of the feeling you get in this process. You shop a huge sale to find the one item you love, only to find out that consultant doesn’t have much else to exchange for. The best thing to do is wait, if you can, for new inventory to arrive, but depending on the exchange policy and your level of patience, you may not have much time to shop around. 
  5. Tees can potentially be a bust too, if ordinary, would be outrageously priced at $35. I admit I’ve bought a few tees which seemed at the time, the right price point because they’re so uniquely cut but beware, some of the plain ones made of recycled material feel cheap to me. The problem for me right now is finding a substitute for Lularoe tops, that cover the butt so they look good with leggings and still are modest with sleeves and high necklines. My usual favorites are failing me in this category. It is incredibly hard to find a similar product, so it’s outrageous in cost, but I guess we still buy them.

I have a huge new stash of modest clothing that makes me feel great. I do still love this brand, the positive image for women and family. So the magical effect of the drug Lularoe has kind of worn off for me but I’m still not fully recovered because I’m still in a few Facebook groups waiting for some more fun and unique items to pop up. Can’t wait for the next sale.

I mean, how can I resist a Carly in a floral?

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