KonMari with Kids: Part 2 Organizing 

From the high of the discarding phase, I was hit with the reality of organizing.

My discard pile was one of the biggest in my life, but as I set out to organize, I could see now why my house always seemed cluttered. My house was severely disorganized. All this time I feigned organization and cleanliness, but I was letting areas of my house go to serious disarray.

Going through each category for the second time showed me where the problem areas were. First, I organized clothes, books, random stuff  (you know, the tray you stash everything in because it’s the landing spot of whatever is in your pockets). They were all relatively easy to conquer.

Using Kondo’s shoebox trick, I used both halves of my Samsung Galaxy tablet box in my closet which has built in shelves and acts as my dresser, and it works like magic. Shallow and sturdy, it is perfect for seeing what you have. (Better go get some more tablets! Do you think Samsung will sell me just the box?)

But then it hit me, my kids’ toys, books and homeschool preschool “classroom” is what is truly troubling the house.

I set out to fix the problem, first by consolidating all things in one locale. This method shows how much of an item you have. Doing some toddler busy book games let my crafting supplies run crazy. It’s time to tame the pile into controllable and organized amounts.

Does everything have a place? That’s the question of the century. If it does not, then things are left to roam without a home. Our house is messy because our stuff is homeless.

I’m slightly crazy so I actually had already my kids’ toys inventoried on a my phone, just using OneNote. I placed all toys I wanted stored away in categories. Lego duplo, play food and cars were the largest categories that are untamed and not easily displayed (because they break apart, are not stationary or have a lot of pieces).

Reluctantly I’m going to have to give IKEA more money. If we do end up going the IKEA route,  we’ll do a reveal.

I used to hate on IKEA but it works for kids. It’s inexpensive and simple. So the more kids I have the more IKEA our house has.


One thought on “KonMari with Kids: Part 2 Organizing 

  1. This is a great review! Thanks for the great tips. We have toys all over the house and it seems like entropy dominates here. I’m going to need to think of more storage. If you do a reveal, I want to see it!!

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