I’m the only girl in my family.  I have no older sisters to turn to for great advice and wisdom so I turned to mom-friends and a wonderful mother for a lot of the ideas I post here.  I have no little sisters to give advice to, but  I’ve always been a teacher at heart and I want to share everything I’m experiencing as a new mom.  So I created this blog.

A little about me:

SimpleGuy (SG) and I were married seven years ago in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We lived our newlywed years in California’s posh Orange County.

I’m an English teacher who never got to work in the traditional classroom due to the budget cuts and hiring freezes. Instead I worked 4-5 part-time jobs teaching Mandarin Chinese to grade-school kids, working as an online teaching assistant (I got to grade papers in my pjs) and online standardized-test-essay scorer. This allowed me to support my husband through postgraduate school.

We moved to the DFW metroplex, giving up the SoCal weather and glamour, but getting a much better quality of life in many ways. (2012)

Baby #1 joined our family. (2013)

It feels like we’re living the dream; who knows what adventures will unfold next!

How ’bout twins? 😉 (2016)

I’m not perfect and I’m still learning but this blog is all my rambling advice that I wish I had starting out as a mother and homemaker.





7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Hana!
    My child has been learning through Qiao Hu via You Tube. I would love to subscribe to their series. Do they mail their dvd and toys to North America?

  2. Hi simple girl. I’ve been trying to order qiao hu for my 11 month old son. I even come to taiwan to try to look for the qiao hu DVD. Thanks to your website, I now know how to order.
    I want to include you as referral but I would need your name and email aside from your reference number .
    Send me your name and email so I can include you as referral.

    1. Hi Sherlyn,
      Just following up to see if you have been able to subscribe to 巧虎. If you have any questions or need additional information, please let me know. I’d be happy to help if I’m able to. Also I realized I didn’t give you my email. To prevent spam, my email is available to view here.

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