New to Homeschooling

We have begun to homeschool our 4 year old. This has been a difficult journey for many reasons. For one, I think every parent but especially every homeschool parent feels they are never doing enough for his or her kid. Why we feel this inadequacy stems from our own childhood, what we think we were […]

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Toddler Busy Books and Activities 

I’ve sunk some good money into quiet activities for my kids since we go to church every week where quiet is desirable (but really hard for this age group). I think it’s worth investing in independent play that not only teaches academic concepts and fine motor skills but also teaches appropriate behavior by redirecting them […]

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Graco Pack ‘n’ Play Review

Moneysaver Tip: Get the Graco brand; it’s the easiest to use and built to last. If you plan to use a full-sized crib or eventually transition to one, get the Pack n Play that is the biggest and has the least amount of frills and extras. Try buying a gently used one instead of new. […]

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Baby Essentials List

The Essentials: 1. Crib or Pack ‘n’ Play. Extra credit: get both, especially if you have friends/family with littles who will visit. We used our Graco pack ‘n’ play downstairs for dinnertime/playtime for a while, as a safe place to put baby. Once he could stand up on his own, he kind of hated it. […]

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Here’s some ideas for gifts for that new mom in your life. If you’ve been following the blog, this list will come as no surprise to you (and don’t mind me using some old photos, call it lazy, resourceful, whatevs) so let’s just say it’s a list of my favorite things that I’d gladly give […]

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Updated Posts

Just a quick note to say that I’ve recently updated some of the old posts with new info: Pampers Sensitive wipes have been replaced in our household with Amazon Elements, Kirkland Signature and Huggies Naturals. (Whatever is on sale.) Pampers brand is just too expensive to buy, in my experience. If I’m traveling, I might […]

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Feeling Used

I must have gotten bit by the garage sale bug this last summer (by summer, I mean May to October, because it’s still warm here in Texas!). We’ve had a blast buying used toys, books and clothing from Craigslist, eBay and Amazon. Here are some tips from yours truly, a  serious online-shopper junkie: eBay I […]

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