Good for You

Rant time. Hope you don’t mind. Since becoming a parent, I’ve encountered a lot of other parents with other styles, philosophies or priorities. Of course, to each their own. But today, could you hear me out? What’s good for adults (you parents out there) is not necessarily good for your kids. Example one: nutrition I […]

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LuLaRoe Clothing Review Part 2

As if my last post wasn’t long enough, here’s some more information for you if considering Lularoe clothing: I have purchased…a lot of clothing from shopping VIP groups and multi consultant sales. Don’t tell Simple Guy. Luckily for me I sold some big ticket items from my excess home goods (unwanted gifts and sale rack […]

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LuLaRoe Clothing Review Part 1

I honestly don’t even know how I first heard about LuLaRoe, which just shows the power of social media, getting into our minds and into our lives. I wanted to share my review since I’m not consultant and not related to one, just wanted to share an honest review. I’m a fan, but with some […]

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Qiaohu 巧虎 2016-2017 Preview

I found these images off the Qiaohu website, for those of you who are interested in seeing what the 幼幼版 (Youyou or yoyo ban) and 快樂版 (kuaile ban) subscription receive each month from September 2016 to August 2017. Remember the best time to begin the subscription box is at the beginning of each school year, […]

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Qiaohu 巧虎 August 2016 Preview

Since I’ve received a lot of inquiry into the Qiao hu subscription box, please allow me to preview the latest box’s content. I’ve been really impressed with each box we’ve received. Toys are simple, cute and educational. The DVDS can get annoying on a loop but doesn’t that happen with all kids’ music, toys and […]

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ASOS Maternity Clothes Review

With the heat and the kids,  I don’t get out much. I do my grocery shopping at 10 pm after two of three have gone to bed. So online shopping has become a very important thing in my life. I need retail therapy as much as any parent with three littles. Of course Amazon has […]

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Confessions of a C-Section Mom

I know there are plenty of doctors out there who will push c-sections on expectant women and it’s not right. Plenty of us can and should have normal deliveries. The key is to finding an OB-GYN you really trust, to give you sound medical advice and to give you the best shot at a healthy […]

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